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How to add an unrecognizable printer to a station

Prerequisite: This function must be completed from the station itself that you are attempting to add the printer to



Step 1

On the station desktop (with the software closed) click on the “K” icon in the bottom left corner





Step 2

In the search bar, begin to type “Midnight Commander” before you are done typing the icon for this application will appear, open it.







Step 3

Once the application is open, navigate to the “/.smarttab” file pictured, then select the “/pos” file, then click “/data”, and finally select the file labeled Supported Printers.cfg, it may appear as “support-ers.cfg











Step 4

Select the editor option #3 “/usr/bin/mcedit”





Step 5

Scroll down to the model number that is most like the model you are trying to add, highlight the selection and copy it to the clipboard





Step 6

Paste it under and press enter or use the space bar to make sure the formatting is matched as above





Step 7

Delete the model name and change to the model printer you have





Step 8

Click save at the bottom left of the window and click save to confirm the change







Step 9

Start the SmartTab software and navigate to the printer settings section under “more”





Step 10

Use the drop down menu and the printer you added will now be avaialbelt o choose from.



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