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Next Day Funding

Understanding Banking Schedules for Deposits 



In banking, next-day funds are money that becomes available for use on the next business day following the day it is deposited.




Next banking day starts at 12:00am EST | 9:00pm PST



For those of you who operate a venue that closes after 12:00 am local time, this means that your deposit occurs the next business day at 12:00 am EST and your funds are available the day after that.



Here’s an Example Deposit Schedule:

  • Sunday shift closes at 2:00am
    Deposit occurs (Monday 12:00 am EST)
    Funds are available to you on Tuesday.
  • Monday funds are available Wednesday.
  • Tuesday funds are available on Thursday.
  • Wednesday funds are available on Friday.



Banks do not deposit on the weekend so…

  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday funds are available on Monday morning.




Banks do not deposit on weekend or on Bank Holidays.
*see image below for reference



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