Cash Drawer Open

Prerequisite: Ask the merchant to check what is plugged in and have them confirm the cash drawer is connected into the cash drawer, and then trace the wire to an actual/physical device. Note: “looks like it’s all plugged in” or similar general response is UNACCEPTABLE.



Step 1

Trace cash drawer to spruce. What is the cash drawer plugged into? If the printer, then power off for 10 seconds, power on. Make sure paper is loaded, feeding from the top, close lid, and feed role to ensure operation.



Step 2

Or remove from the printer and plug into the very center bottom of the screen in the DRW port.

a. Only reason would be if the cable is unplugged or the cash drawer is locked by key. Make sure to recycle power to the POS station (100% always recycle power to station as a default). Note: Do they hear clicking sound? If yes; then it’s locked and they must open it with the key.

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