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Hardware Troubleshooting – What Are The Standard Printer Troubleshooting Steps

General guidelines: check to see if the printer is online and communicating with the ubiquity dream machine.



Prerequisite: make sure the printer is plugged into power and collect the following information from the merchant before relaying this information to us in slack.

  • Receipt or noisy impact printer
    • If Receipt > is it internal or external (model #)?
    • If Receipt = which station (need station name)
  • Error lights?
  • Press feed button… what happens? If nothing, is the printer powered on? Can you see lights on the printer indicating it’s powered on?
  • Did you replace paper recently? Did the issue start after you put in a new roll?
    • Is the paper: Thermal paper (glossy/smooth texture) or  Carbon paper (coarse texture), thermal = receipt, carbon = noise impact.
  • Remove the current roll and check the hopper if there the left over plastic center pole/spindle from the prior roll. Make sure paper is freed from the bottom, not the top.
  • Turn the printer off for 10 full seconds, then power on, did that resolve the issue?
  • If no power, check connections in rest of printer, power adapter connection, outlet connection. Ensure power source is live by plugging something else into it.



Troubleshooting Steps



Step 1

First make sure the power cord is attached to the outlet and attached to the printer. Sometimes this connection can wiggle loose from cleaning or daily activity.



Step 2

Make sure there is the proper paper in the printer itself. (a big issue is the old roll from the old spool of paper still left in the printer and the new roll placed on top of that)



Step 3

Check the printer ribbon to make sure there is ink. If not, replace the ink ribbon.



Step 4

Approach the POS and select the “…..more” tab.



Step 5

Select printer assignment. Select the printer from the drop down menu matching the printer location….. Ex. the kitchen drop down for the kitchen printer.



Step 6

Select the printer then click on “test print” on the left hand side.



Step 7

If it prints great. If it does not turn the printer off and wait 45 seconds.



Step 8

Turn the printer back on and “test print” again.



Step 9

If it prints great. If it does not trace the info cord from the printer to the POS or Router or Switch and make sure those are plugged in and have power.



Step 10

If it is not that go back to POS and under “….more” select printer assignment



Step 11

Write down all current printer locations and last 4 of the IP address

    1. Select drop printer option at top right. Select ok.
    2. Wait about 30 seconds then check to see if the printer is on the network.
    3. If you see it select the printer under the desired location
    4. Test print

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