How To Use Coursing

Use coursing to be able to ring up separate courses on a single tab and have them fire to the bar and kitchen printers at the appropriate time



Step 1

Start a TAB and ensure Enable Coursing is checked





Step 2

With Coursing enabled you will see the courses listed above the payment information. Select a course number to add items to that course.





Step 3

Select another course to add items to that course





Step 4

Any course with items added in it will show with a white boarder. The course that is currently being viewed will show with a Pink boarder.

  • To de-select a course and view the entire tab, click on the selected course to de-select it.





Step 5

When the items are ready to be made by the bar or kitchen, select the Fire # option. The fire option will only fire the courses in sequential order





Step 6

Once a course has been fired it will appear with a red line through it. You can not modify a course after it has been fired




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