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Lost Connection To Main Station – Not Connecting To Main

Symptoms: Stations stuck on purple screens that say’s “Not connected to main station”






General guidelines: Someone needs to be on-site and know where the Main Station is. You may also need to locate the POS router. – Often the router is in the office or near the source of main internet for the location.



Prerequisite: Be able to locate the main station and POS router.



Step 1

If you see a station that says “LOST CONNECTION TO MAIN STATION” then you first want to check if all other stations have the same message on their screen.



Step 2

If all the stations have the “LOST CONNECTION TO MAIN STATION” then the first thing you want to check is that the Main Station is on.



Step 3

If the main station is off, power it back on and wait until it loads the POS software.  Once it loads, wait 60 seconds, then check the bar/service stations to see if they are connecting or not.

  1. If the main station is on, confirm if the POS software is loaded or not.
  2. If the POS software is not loaded, locate either 1) the SmartTab Application on the desktop and tap it to load the software. *Sometimes you might have to double tap it. Or 2) The SmartTab icon in the task bar.





**If you can’t locate the SmartTab app on the desktop or taskbar you can locate it by tapping the K in the bottom left corner, going to Applications, then Lost & Found and tapping the SmartTab Application.




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