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Why Credit Card Are Not Processing

General guidelines: When credit card payments are not processing, 99% of the time that means the internet is not working.  This can sometimes be resolved by power cycling the modem from the ISP (ex. Comcast, Spectrum, Monkey Brain, AT&T, etc.)



Pre-requisite: Must be onsite and able to locate the router.



See Also: Internet Connectivity Trouble Shooting



Step 1

Steps if your location has a Dream Machine. It usually has a blue glowing ring around the top *example image below.





Step 2

First confirm the internet cable going into the input of the Dream Machine is securely inserted. Then pull the power cable directly from the Dream Machine. *The power cable will be white & flat.





Step 3

After you unplug the power cable, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. It will take several minutes before the Dream Machine restarts fully. You will hear a doorbell like sound when it has restarted fully.





Step 4

If that does not work please escalate and contact the processing company directly.



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