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How To Request Gift Cards for SmartTab from Synergy World

Gift Cards are currently offered through our partnership with Synergy World and are fully integrated into SmartTab POS.

When a client calls in requesting Gift Card Information please compose the following email:



Step 1

Please collect the following information from the merchant.

  • Business/ Venue Name (DBA) –
  • Business/ Venue – Full Address
  • Point of Contact Name –
  • Point of Contact Title –
  • Point of Contact Email –



Step 2

Email Synergy World Using the following Template:


Subject: Gift Card Info (SmartTab POS) – [Insert Venue Name][Insert Venue City & State]

to: Lulu Berman <lulu@synergyworld.com >

cc: SmartTab Ops<ops@smarttab.com>


Hi Lulu,

I have included [ Insert Point of Contact Name] [Insert Point of Contact Title] of [Insert Venue Name] in this thread. They would like to get Gift Cards going and more info about Synergy World.



Point of Contact PHONE NUMBER


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