How To Create Items

Step 1

Log into the back-end Portal (URL varies by Venue)



Step 2

Select the hamburger menu at the top-left of the screen



Step 3

Select Menu





Step 4

Select the Products tab at the top ( products is selected by default)





Step 5

Select the Category to which you want to add the item





Step 6

The Category and its items will display



Step 7

Double click on an empty square to add the item there





Step 8

Enter an item name, item price, and set the tax rule of the item





Step 9

Customize the color if desired





Step 10

Click the checkmark when done



Step 11

The Item will be created



Step 12

Click the title of the item to bring up additional option

1.Under the product config tab you can update the item’s photo, chit name, receipt name, classification, sub classification, the report classification, ingredient type, brand, serving size, unit size, and unit cost. The serving cost will calculate.




2.Under the prep notes tab you can add additional information about the items preparation ( options vary by classification)





3. Press Done when finished


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