1. Can you please have a written article, not a video? Videos aren’t helpful for my learning style, and I find them facile. I also need only one easy piece of info, and instead of searching an article for what I need, I’m forced to watch this video in the hopes that maybe the info is included without being sure.

    1. And the video didn’t have the one piece of info I needed, how to change the base pay rate for a role. What a waste of 3:10 min.

      1. Hi Heather, pleasure to meet you 🙂

        I’ll have a team member reach out to help.

    2. Fair enough.

      We’re working on updating our knowledge base to include both videos and written article’s to help match learning styles.

      In the meantime feel free to use the “Create a Ticket” or “Contact Support” buttons to notify our support team of your needs and they’ll contact you to help.

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